Thank you to The Pressure Box!

The Pressure Box food truck in Vancouver, BC has recently been tweeting my pic of their “Not Your Grandma’s Fried Chicken” on their Twitter account! Thank you to them for doing so!

Tweet - The Pressure Box - Feb 4.16


Thank you to Smokehouse BBQ!

After recently doing a photoshoot for Smokehouse BBQ, some of my pics have appeared at the end of their September 2015 newsletter!

Smokehouse BBQ Newsletter

Thank you to Bao Down!

Thank you to Bao Down for reposting/crediting my pic of their “The Flip Side” bao on their Instagram page!




Thank You to Jeepney Jay Tee

Thank you to one of Edmonton’s newest food trucks Jeepney Jay Tee for using my pics of their Pork BBQ w/ Java Rice & Atchara and Sisig Tacos on their Facebook page!



Thank you to Moose On The Run!

Thank you to Moose On The Run for featuring some of my pics on their website!


website - Moose On The Run 1

website - Moose On The Run 2

website - Moose On The Run 3

website - Moose On The Run 4

Another thank you to Tabor!

I’d like to thank Tabor again but this time it’s for featuring my pic of their humongous and delicious Original Schitzelwich as the cover photo on their Facebook page! Last time, the pic was simply a post on their timeline.

The lighting that day was both perfect and tricky to get this shot.  It was perfect in that I had direct sunlight shining onto the subject.  The tricky part was that it was shot during the winter months which meant the sun would never be at its highest peak in the sky during the noon hour which is when I took this shot.  The other complicating factor was that I shot this downtown which means I had to contend with all of the skyscrapers extending out into the sky and blocking the sun as it moved across the sky.  As a result, I had to shoot fast.  As always, the food was cold by the time I finished the shot, but I it didn’t matter to me, and I was used to it.  The most important part was that I got a good pic!

Tabor - Facebook


Thank you to Kove Kitchen!

I did a commercial food shoot for Kove Kitchen last summer in 2014.  Their new website is up and running now, and it looks great!  Thank you to Kove Kitchen for using some of my pics there!  I hope to be able to head back there in a few months to shoot more pics for them!



Kove Kitchen 1 wordpress