Another thank you to Tabor!

I’d like to thank Tabor again but this time it’s for featuring my pic of their humongous and delicious Original Schitzelwich as the cover photo on their Facebook page! Last time, the pic was simply a post on their timeline.

The lighting that day was both perfect and tricky to get this shot.  It was perfect in that I had direct sunlight shining onto the subject.  The tricky part was that it was shot during the winter months which meant the sun would never be at its highest peak in the sky during the noon hour which is when I took this shot.  The other complicating factor was that I shot this downtown which means I had to contend with all of the skyscrapers extending out into the sky and blocking the sun as it moved across the sky.  As a result, I had to shoot fast.  As always, the food was cold by the time I finished the shot, but I it didn’t matter to me, and I was used to it.  The most important part was that I got a good pic!

Tabor - Facebook



Should I have copyrighted my business name?

This is just FYI.

I just found out through Facebook that a photographer in Kannapolis, NC has also been using the name “Simply Light Photography” since 2013 possibly.  I’ve been using that name for a while now and had it registered back in 2008.  Of course, I’d want to say that I had first claim to that name because no one else used it back when I started my photography business (the registry has documentation of this).  The registry and I both did a name search.  Did she coincidentally come up with that same name? Did she not do a name search when she started up? I also now started to wonder if I should have copyrighted the name at the start.  I intended to contact her about it but changed my mind after I just learned that the name could only be trademarked/copyrighted provincially.  So, that name is “fair game” elsewhere then.  I’ll just leave this alone because there’s not much I can do about it then.